The Twelve ‘Glaze’ of Christmas

“A well made sauce will make even an elephant or a grandfather palatable”. – Grimod de la Reyniere

With Christmas day looming and your prized joint on pre-order, there is a very important decision to be made that could make or break your festive menu. Do you stick to tradition and pair cranberries with turkey? Do you revolt the unknown and stick to serving up your gammon with a bizarrely unseasonal pineapple ring? Or, do you brave into unchartered realms of flavour pairing and celebrate in style this festive season? If you’re somewhat of a Christopher Colombus in the kitchen, then take inspiration from our list of modern glazes and sauces this year, as suggested by our chefs!

“My true love cooked for me”…


Pear & Perry Cider Sauce – a quirky play on the classic Christmas rhyme, go all out kitch and make a musical menu this 2016! Sweet perry cider with a rich game meat such as partridge will keep your taste buds as well as your vocal chords crying out for more. Meats: partridge, pork, pheasant

Honey & Whiskey Glaze – sweeten up your festive ham with this super sweet, boozy glaze that is as easy as it is delicious. Baste, cook, and repeat before serving up with your favourite winter veggies. Meats: gammon, pork

Cumberland Glaze – just like the bells of St. Clements, this zesty orange and lemon based recipe with definitely strike a chord with your guests. Zest, squeeze and boil up with some shallots and add to a beautiful joint of lamb. Meats: lamb, duck, pork, turkey, gammon, pheasant, salmon

gravy 2

Piri Piri Rub – If you’re looking to bring a little of the Med to your home this Christmas, turn up the thermostat, bulk buy the red wine and jazz up your turkey with a little piri piri seasoning! This amazingly versatile spice combination will still work alongside your traditional roasties and winter greens, AND will give you the most delicious turkey sandwiches and/or salads for days to come. Meats: turkey, chicken, salmon

Duck ‘a la’ Chocolate Orange – Chocolate is for life, not just for Christmas dinner. Although in this case, we’re encouraging the adventurous among you to introduce a little cocoa to your cooking and there is no better meat than duck to do this with. This super decadent sauce will definitely raise some eyebrows at your dinner table but served with the right accompaniments such as a beautiful buttery mash and salty greens, you are onto a winner! Meats: duck

Rosemary & Mint Glaze – back to the safety of familiar flavours, why not try combining both of these beautifully fragrant herbs this Christmas and treat yourself to not just one taste sensation but a double taste explosion! Pair with your choice of lamb joint. Tip: stud the lamb with rosemary sprigs and garlic when cooking for extra pizzazz! Meats: lamb

gravy 3

Earl Grey & Prune Glaze – Another one for the adventurous spirits among you! If you’re going off the beaten track this Christmas and are preparing venison or roe as your ‘main event’, then a wonderfully unique stone fruit based glaze is the way to go. Infuse with floral flavours of the Orient and serve to a host of very impressed diners. Meats: goose, venison, roe

Port and Juniper Jelly – A rich, sweet and alcoholic based jelly works incredible well with rich game as well as the more traditional beef. This lovely dark and seductive accompaniment is ideal to have with those afternoon cheeseboards as well – so don’t worry about making too much! Meats: beef, venison, cheese


Madeira and Sage – Slightly out of the ordinary mixing such a fragrant herb with a rich sweet wine (thank you Portugal) and yet, the blend is rather harmonious; speaking not only to the richer dark meats but also to the lighter white meats. Meats: pork, beef, chicken, turkey

Beer and Horseradish – A much more modern and ‘dirty’ style sauce than the others on the list. Think Jamie Oliver meets Heston Blumenthal – quick, easy and very experimental. Cold roast beef sandwiches with a beer and horseradish glaze on Boxing Day is reason enough to give this exciting glaze a go on the big day itself!Meats: beef 

Date, Quince and Pinot Noir – Sticky and rich with a blend of cultural favourites come into play with this delicious glaze. A little British, a little Moroccan and a little French – choose this glaze and you will have the best ingredients from across the globe. Serve with an ‘oh-so-British’ pheasant and over indulge your senses. Meats: pheasant

Cherry-Balsamic Reduction – Sweet, tangy, moreish and perfect for more than just meat! As with most dark red stone fruits, stick to red meats, particularly rich ones such as duck and venison. If you’re preparing a vegetarian menu this Christmas, try this with a beautiful hot goat’s cheese pithivier and dressed pine nut salad. Throw a few roasties on the side and smother with this absolute champion reduction!  Meats: beef, duck, lamb, venison, goat’s cheese


‘Team-Time’ Birthday News

Happy birthday to the happiest employee at ‘At Home’ HQ – Jenny! This bubbly chica knows not the meaning of ‘bad day’ and if you’ve been served by her in the deli, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Jenny celebrated just a week ago on the 23rd!


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Bizarre Bites

I assume on the box of this month’s bizarre bite there would need to be some serious allergy warnings including ‘do not eat if allergic to wasp stings’! Reason being? Wasp crackers of course! It doesn’t get much more complicated than that this month. They are crackers, filled with wasps. They look like, crackers filled with wasps. Nothing quite as cryptic as the rocky mountain oysters you saw a few months back (actually fried bull’s testicles) – this Japanese delicacy does what it says on the box.

wasp cracker

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