Bank Holiday ‘Bana-nza’ in London Town

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Historically Bank Holiday’s in the capital have provided us with a smorgasbord of climatic delights from blizzards & torrential downpours to blistering heat waves & ‘El Niño’. Regardless of what we’re heading into meteorologically speaking, there are plenty of culinary delights to be found in London’s hot spots this May bank holiday. So pack your umbrella and your sun cream and head out into the centre of the ‘foodie’ world for a gastro-fabulous marathon of good eatin’!

Here are my top picks for you to sink your teeth into (in no particular order) across the weekend!


Ice CreCfMNKY_WAAAWR5Kam of the Future

Cool down with the newly opened ‘Four Winters’ liquid nitrogen ice cream bar in Gloucester Road, Kensington for a futuristic twist on this frozen classic. Try one of their famous fusions like ‘banana cream pie’ or ‘German chocolate cake’ before heading down the road to the Natural History Museum for a sedate and educational approach to your long weekend.





Mouth-Watering Marathon

If you’re a hardcore food fanatic then you’ll definitely need to head over to Syon Park, Twickenham for the 3 DAY FOODIE FESTIVAL starting on Saturday 28th and ending on Monday 30th. Three day passes are available via the website or you can buy tickets for one-day visits. The who’s who of London’s culinary elite will be there as well as expert mixologists & sommeliers AND it’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on kitchen apparel that you desperately don’t need but must have!


Street Food

Street Feast has returned to Dalston Yard, Islington this summer season and is definitely one to checkout this May. Open Friday & Saturday from 5pm until 12am, make sure the kids have got a baby-sitter and you have money for a cab as you’re sure to pull an all-nighter at this affordable and trendy gastro-heaven.









‘Nĭ hăo’ – The Orient at Harrods

Friends or relatives coming to town for a long weekend? If you’re looking to impress with something off-the-wall in a way only Londoners know how, take them to the tea rooms at Harrods for a limited edition Chinese Afternoon Tea. How I love a lobster wonton and chrysanthemum flower tea of a lazy afternoon.


People All Over the World

The World Food Market hosted by St. Katharine’s docks’ on Marble Quay is the place to be on Friday 27th for a real lunchtime fiesta. Each supplier is carefully chosen against criteria such as nutrition and sustainability – and deliciousness! Treat yourself to a Venezuelan ‘arepa’ or freshly made ‘souvlaki’ from Greece, only to be washed down with ‘una sangria pequeña’ – bon appetite!’s-on/friday-food-market


More-ish home cooking

Stoke Newington host the ultimate in hospitality and home cooking on Saturday 28th with a four-course Mauritian themed Supperclub complete with a traditional game of….wait….BINGO! Space is limited to 28 guests and it’s even BYOB. Don’t miss this tiny gem in a very big city.



If you’re looking for a wilder side to your bank holiday, inject some 2016 into Sunday 29th May and head to GALA at Brockwell Park, nestled between Herne and Tulse Hill in the south of the capital. Live independent music and the crème de la crème of south London’s eateries will be in attendance to fill your boots with calorific cuisine from start until superb finish.



‘Team-Time’ Birthday News

John Walker, company director celebrated this May 4th and was temporarily re-named ‘Luke Sky’ for good measure. (And yes, the fork was with him).


‘GRIDDLE’ me this…

What do you get if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter?

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Bizarre Bites

One of life’s greatest pleasures is knowing that we are all different. Did you ever go to a friend’s house for dinner, only to be served some sort of ‘alternative’ method of your favourite meal. Terrifying. Did you politely decline or did you, as your parents instilled with the fear of God into you, ‘mind your manners’? We’ve all been there.

Then there were those times you would go to your friend’s house for dinner and be served up ‘century eggs’…no?

Well, in an ‘egg-shell’, century eggs (or ‘pidan’) are preserved duck, chicken or quail eggs in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, quicklime, and rice hulls left to effectively ‘spoil’ for several weeks to several months. The yolk turns a mossy green colour whilst the once porcelain white out layer turns a rather questionable brownish-black. A definite delicacy and one that I think we’ll leave in China for the time being!

For the adventurous:

To purchase these perfumed parcels, head to Chinatown or simply to

To see how some of the team got on with THEIR tasting of century eggs, click here

Written by Hannah at ‘At Home’ Catering Ltd.



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